God help me with my will or God let me do your will

How many times have I prayed for God to help with the next thing I was trying to do?  How often I pray for God to bless these wants and desires I have? The true answer is most of the time.  Even something I feel like God has given me a peek into, that is His will for me, I instantly name it and claim it and mutate it to be mine, then I ask God to bless this less perfect and even flawed desire based on something He already had planned.  It can be something “righteous” or “good” but its my will not His or at best a modified, changed version of His will that really isn’t even what He had in mind.  I was smacked across the face with this revelation this morning.  God has good things planned for all of us.  And they’re His plans, in His timing, in His ways, not needing my interjection or input.  Lord let me do your will! Let your will be my will.