New Birth, New Life

The birth of Jesus that we celebrate this time of year marks the beginning, the beginning in may ways and the beginning of many things.

The birth of Christ, is of course the beginning of the earthly life of our Lord and Savior.  His birth also divided history into two halves, BC and AD. His birth also is the beginning of the Good News, the beginning of the Gospel message, the beginning to freedom for humankind and the end of the curse of sin for us.  The birth of Christ is the dawn of hope for humanity, as well as the long-awaited fulfillment of God’s promise to send a Messiah.

The birth of that little boy, a little over 2000 years ago is far and away the most important and influential event in all of history.  And here we are, 2019 years later, still talking about it, still celebrating it, like the shepherd, still seeking Jesus; and like the wise men, still trusting in Jesus; and like Mary, still loving Jesus .  

Jesus is the beginning of the way, He’s the freedom giver, the unhindered, He is Wonderful, our Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace, He must become, our all and our identity. Our God is a God who provides. He couldn’t leave His people defeated and cursed by sin. The birth of Jesus is a power by God in the victory over sin. 

When we read the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus we see, it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t highly esteemed or treated with high dignity, no fan fair, no crowds, Jesus entered this world quietly and humbly with His parents, a blessed mom and obedient dad, in a barn.