Plug for the Abide App

The greatest of intentions stay just that without a plan of execution. For me, prayer is one of those things in my life that start with great intentions and end with mediocre effort. Don’t get me wrong, I want to pray, and I believe prayer is one of our most important activities as followers of Jesus. But almost inevitably, I get distracted or my mind wanders or I go blank and end up just saying a bunch of pleases and thank you’s and never get into any kind of deeper level engagement with God.

That was until I found a prayer helper, a tool to help me focus, to help me engage, to assist me in going deeper into prayer, and that is Abide. Abide is an app that has daily prayer devotionals, topical prayers, a going deeper prayer option, get to sleep devotional and so much more. It has been something I use daily since discovering it. Here is some more good news, it is free. There is an option to purchase longer and even more in-depth daily devotional, but it is not required, and the free version is very good.

I highly recommend checking it out. Pray, meditate, engage and go deeper than you ever have before!