Wake up call

It’s been my sense, since the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak that something much deeper was happening. I’m not talking about government conspiracies or corporate espionage. But something in the spiritual realm. Something happening as a result of the pandemic. We know that God uses all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. This verse from Romans 8 has multiple layers and great depth, and tends to get quoted just about every time something negative happens. Not that it isn’t true in every negative situation. But what I’m saying is, sometimes the negative situations we find ourselves in, is a direct result of a bad decision or sinful action on our part, and even that, God can and does use it for good. Our current situation, however, is not that.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He directed His disciples to “go” and “wait” for the Holy Spirit, Gods promise, the source of power they would need to be the church and spread the good news of Jesus to the world (Acts 1:4). And that is exactly what the disciples did. And just as promised, the Holy Spirit came, and fell on them like a rush of wind and a flame (Acts 2:1-3). As the Spirit entered them, they experienced renewed strength and increased power. They were shaken, awakened, and set on fire by the Holy Spirit.

The rest is history, the good news of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world. From people group to people group, from country to country, continent to continent. The Gospel of Jesus spread very much like the corona-virus, but without the help of international flights. People were excited to hear this good news of hope and mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. When the Gospel message was presented, people were shaken, awakened and set on fire. The Holy Spirit led the charge and drew people into a new relationship with the Savior.

Now, here we are, more than 2000 years after the life of Jesus. While people still believe, and try to spread the good news, many have grown comfortable in their faith. Many have sat down on the job as Christians and become apathetic in their relationship with Jesus. Treating their salvation as a one-time fire insurance purchase that will keep them just secure enough.

It’s my sense that this world-wide pandemic is going to be uses to shake us, awaken us and set us back on fire! Jesus left you and I here to function as His church, to be His hands and feet on the ground. To be an army, to battle against sin and the thief of souls. Jesus left His church as plan A to reach the world with love and hope in His name, and there is no plan B. There is a definite shaking going on, like a Dad grabbing his sleeping child by the arm and shaking him awake, as not to be late for the days events. We need to wake up, the church needs to be woke, like a slumbering lion, lazing in the sun. Our time of lethargy is over, its time to spring into action. We know the time is now and the days are few, we are called to live our faith with a sense of urgency for lost souls. There may not be tomorrow, the work of Jesus needs to be done now.

It’s my prayer that we are using this time to strengthen our faith, to let our roots grow even deeper. Taking time with God, being intentional about fellowshiping with the Holy Spirit, meditating on Gods Word and how it applies to you personally. And most of all, recognizing Gods purpose, plan and path for each of us to be doers of the Word. The worst thing we could do now would be to just wait this out and go right back into our same ol’ rut of Christian routine. We know that God uses all things for the good of those who love Him. We can choose to grow and flourish in this time of we can choose not to.

This is our church, this is our time! Go and Be the Church.

Stay Anchored and Unhindered in Christ, you are so loved.